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Cordless drills have become more in demand as it offers various benefits and convenience for users. It saves users from the hassle of plugging it before use. It also saves a whole lot of time and one can save on the cost as far as long cables are concerned. There are many types of best cordless drills manufactured in the market. Some of the best models have been discussed below.

1.Black and Decker LDX120C Cordless Drill 20 Volt

The cordless drill from Black and Decker is ideal for drilling in confined spaces. The company has been a leader in designing many power tools and accessories that helps users to perform their job efficiently and effortlessly. The cordless drill has many useful features that are mentioned below.

  • Best suited to drill metal plastic, wood and other screw driving jobs
  • Lithium Ion Technology with lighter and compact design
  • Inclusive of 11 position clutches for best control during drilling tasks
  • Countersinks with no sign of damage
  • Comes with LED work light for illuminating the surface for easy drilling
  • Two year warranty


2.DEWALT DC970K-2 Compact Drill 18 Volt

DEWALT is one of the renowned manufacturers as far as industrial tools and accessories are concerned such as cordless drills, hammers, and many more. This lightweight drill is designed to fit in small and tight spaces. It is an ideal choice to drill and fasten applications.

  • Designed to minimize fatigue of users
  • Dual speed range for maximum performance
  • Motor delivers power of 380 unit watt
  • Backed by 3 year limited warranty


3.Bosch DDB181-02 Compact Drill  18 Volt

If you want to make your drilling work fatigue free, the compact drill from Bosch is certainly worth considering. The drill is lightweight and works effectively. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • 18 volt cordless drill for efficient handling in confined spaces
  • Light weight and ideal for daily usage
  • LED light that illuminates work spaces to make it brighter
  • Inclusive of 2 speed transmission for drilling and screw driving
  • One year warranty


4.Makita XPH012 Drill 18 Volt

The cordless drilling machine from Makita offers best performance as it can be also used as a hammer driver drill that allows you to carry a single tool instead of multiple tools.

  • Offers effective driving and drilling
  • Inbuilt 4 pole motor for quick delivery
  • 2 speed design for drilling, hammering and driving applications
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Backed by 3 year warranty


5.Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill 18 Volt

The cordless drill from Hitachi not only offers effective drilling but also greater convenience as it is inclusive of rechargeable batteries, carrying case and a flashlight. It is designed in a manner that makes it easy to handle. Some of the features are as follows:

  • 22 drive settings with 1 drill mode for precision driving and high torque application
  • 2 speed motor for optimum control
  • LED light to illuminate the work area
  • Lightweight and battery for lasting power
  • 5 year warranty



Thus, these are some of top models of cordless drills that are highly effective.

You found someone you’re interested in and you want to see if they feel the same way about you, right? Perhaps it’s someone you work with at the office or a clerk at the local store. Maybe it’s the neighbor down the street or a friend you’ve had for a long time but only recently realized how you feel. Whatever the case, you need to engage in the secret art of flirtation and we’ve got some tips to get you into high gear!

Flirting is a two way street. The first tip we can give you is to make sure that both of you are heading in the same direction. This isn’t always easy to do. You need to understand how to flirt so that you can recognize it in others. Some find this really easy to do while others require a few flirting tips. Whatever your case, you should be giving and getting signals to ensure your on a path for success.

There should be a beginning and an end to your flirtation. If it drags on and on, it becomes a pattern for behavior that can easily be seen by the party your interested in as the way you communicate with others. Not only does this not get you any closer to your goal, but it could make you look like a habitual flirt. That isn’t a great impression when trying to initiate a new relationship.

Flirting is usually done best when it’s subtle. Coming right out and stating your interest is not flirtation. Mind you, it is the end goal of your efforts and should come at some point. In the beginning, though, you’re trying to convey interest while looking for something to tip you off to their feelings at the same time. Keep the direct questions for when you see your both headed in the same direction.

“Try talking about taking out the trash and see if you can make it sound like a bouquet of roses that you want to give to them.”

A great tip for flirting that you should know is that you can do it while talking about anything. You don’t need to tell someone how beautiful you think they are to get that point across. Use your voice as a tool. The way you say things, your inflections on words and the rate of your speech are all telling factors. You should practice by speaking out loud at home to get it down pat. You don’t want to sound like you’re having phone sex. If you notice that that’s what you sound like, switch gears and go in another direction. Try talking about taking out the trash and see if you can make it sound like a bouquet of roses that you want to give to them. If you can do it, you’re on the right path!

It’s also a good idea to practice in front of a mirror. Look at your face and see if you’re conveying an appropriate image for showing interest. Actors do this all the time and you’re heading for what could be one of the most important performances of your life. Are you maintaining eye contact? Are your eyes saying hello or trying to undress what they see? These are things to look for that will tip off your love interest as to what’s really on your mind.

Take these flirtation tips and practice your delivery. Showing interest isn’t always easy, but the more you attempt to hone your skills, the better you’ll become. There’s a great flirt in all of us if we are just willing to let them out!

A healthy way to begin your day is with a glass of fresh fruit juice. You can kick start your day and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you switch to fresh fruits and vegetable juices over canned juices. If you want to make it more convenient, you can buy a juicer which helps in extracting juices quickly. There are many popular models of juicers that are easy to use and do not make your kitchen messy. Most of the units designed today do no spill and cleaning the juicer after use is quite simple. Some of the popular juices that are in high demand have been listed below. Here are best juicers:

1.Breville 700 Watt Juicer BJE200XL

The juice extractor from Breville is the best unit to have if you are a frequent juice or smoothie drinker. The unit is so easy to operate which makes the overall process of preparing fruit or vegetable juices quick and easy.

  • Comes with a knife placed at the center of the unit
  • 700 watt motor that helps in extracting juice to its maximum level
  • Extra large feed tube measuring 3 inches with a micro mesh filter made of stainless steel
  • The parts of the unit are dishwasher safe
  • Inclusive of a cleaning brush


2.Omega Nutrition Juicer J8006

The juicer from Omega offers low speed that helps in retaining healthy enzymes and also prevents oxidation. As a result, the prepared juice can be stored for 3 days without the need for degradation. The unit helps in extracting maximum quantity of juice from vegetables, fruits, and also wheatgrass.

  • Easy to operate juicer with 700 watt motor
  • Helps in yielding high juice with its continuous extracting function
  • Low speed with no clogging or foaming
  • Dual stage system with a voltage of 110


3.Hamilton Beach Juicer 67608

The juicer from Hamilton Beach provides freshly extracted juices from fruits and vegetables without any mess. The unit is so easy to clean that it makes you use the unit to extract juices more frequently than before.

  • 800 watt motor which helps in extracting juices from toughest of fresh produce
  • Large bin for extracting juice for longer to retain its nutrients
  • Parts can be removed easily and  are dishwasher safe


4.Cuisinart Pulp Control Juicer CCJ-500

Getting juice effectively was never this easy as the unit has sleek brushed steel which is adjustable too.

  • The reamer can be auto reversed with a final spinning feature
  • Snap up spout that does not drip when the unit is in use
  • Inclusive of recipe book


5.Ninja Master Prep Juicer QB900B

The juicer makes healthy juices and delicious smoothies in minutes. The unit does not make your kitchen messy.

  • Quad blade concept offers uniform blending
  • 2 cup processor blends, dices and minces effectively
  • Power Pod with 400 watt which is interchangeable


These are some of the best models of juicers that help you make fresh and healthy juices for you and your family. Beat the summer with some fresh fruit and vegetable juices through these juicers.



If you are thinking about camping in Istria, there are a variety of camping Istria sites to choose from. Istria is halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. It is the closest seaside area for many Central European countries. Some of the campsites that you can choose from in the area are Pula, Rovinj, Novigrad, and Motovun. You can book your vacation on the online site:

Istria is a beautiful place to stay at. It has a red soil in the interior, a green forest, and a sea on the coast. The cuisine is something to enjoy and if you like to drink, you will find Muskat, Refosk, Malvazija, and Teran wines. This peninsula will give you a touch of history with also the modern amenities for tourists. The climate there is mild. It has warm and dry summers and winters that are mild and pleasant. During the summer months you may have more than 10 hours of sunshine. Having this kind of weather makes it perfect to go camping. Below are some of the things that you can do while camping in Istria.

You can climb up the tower of St. Euphemia. St. Euphemia is in Rovinj. It is the highest bell tower in Istria and offers a nice view of the town below. At the top of the tower you will see a bronze statue of St. Euphemia who is the patron saint of Rovinj. Another thing you can do is walk the ancient town of Motovun. It is a medieval fortress that has been preserved. You can walk along the walls and see the view of the Motovun Forest and River Mirna. One other thing that you might enjoy is Cape Kamenjak. The Cape is on the southern tip of the peninsula. It features fish and wildlife that has not been touched. It is open to divers, visitors, sports fishermen, and those who want to look at how beautiful it is. So as you can see, there is a variety of different things that you can do while you are camping in the area of Istria.

There are a lot of events Ljubljana can offer to students in the spring. The 28th International Druga Godba Festival is being held from 8th to the 26th of May this year, and has been listed by the British magazine Songline as the 25th best outdoor music festival in the world. The lineup for this year will feature artists from Columbia, South Korea, Turkey, Finland and Belize, as well as those from other countries.


Some other events that will be held at the same time as this festival are the Extinct Giants of the Sea Exhibit, at the Volcji Potok Arboretum until June 25th. The UEFA European Under-17 Championship will be taking place in Ljubljana from May 4th to May 16th.  There will also be a photography exhibit by Steve McCurry, one of the world’s most famous photographers, on display in Ljubljana Castle until June 17th. Finally, all of Ljubljana’s art galleries and museums will offer free admission on the 18th of May, in honor of International Museum Day.


There are many free outdoor events Ljubljana will be offering in the summertime. The Trnfest is a famous international art festival that will run from July 31st to September 2nd this year. There is also the Mini Summer International Puppet Festival, the Nights in Ljubljana Old Town Festival, and the Emona Promenade Festival, which will run until the 2nd of September.


Other events Ljubljana will offer for the month of September are the Lutke International Puppet Festival, the Young Lions International Theatre and Dance Festival, and the well-known Ljubljana Festival, which will run from June 20th to September 13th. Nazareth and Wishbone Ash will also be performing in Ljubljana on 20th of September.


Getting around Ljubljana is very easy. Many of the pubs cater to students, and several of them are within walking distance of each other. There are also many beautiful restaurants and cafes to choose from in this historic city. Take a tour the city by bicycle. Renting from Ljubljana Bike is very reasonable, and someone with a Ljubljana Tourist Card can get 4 free rental hours. There is also a free walking tour that is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


We’ve covered many types of accommodation Ljubljana so far. This time we are presenting house rent Ljubljana to you, an accommodation in which you rent a whole house, usually a small house. It does sound a bit excessive, but it is not much different from apartments; rented houses are similarly equipped, except you have a whole house by yourself, including the garage or parking place. House rent is thus very popular accommodation Ljubljana for those who wish for more privacy and freedom than apartments offer. Typically families and groups seek house rent Ljubljana for longer vacations. The added benefit is own garage or parking place, which means that car hire is much more convenient – you can take the car anytime without having to go far for it. If you are planning a longer vacation – typically over a week – with friends or family, consider house rent Ljubljana.

Capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has quite few possibilies for accommodation. City offers, hostels, apartments and hotels. But if you want best accommodation in Ljubljana you should visit one of top 3 hotels there, Hotel Lev, Hotel Slon or Grand hotel Union.

Hotels Slon and Union are 4-star hotel while Hotel Lev is the onyl 5-star hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All hotels are located in the heart of the city, so all sights are close by. Closes airport, Jože Pučnik Airport, largest airport in Slovenia, is about 30 minutes car drive away so you can travel to it qute fast.

Now to tell you a bit more about accommodation and these tree hotels. Let’s start with Grand Hotel Union. It has secure on site garage which offers places for 120 vehicles. Hotel offers over 300 rooms in total, 327 to be exact. From these rooms 172 rooms have sauna, business centre, internet and breakfast already added in the price. Grand hotel Union has most rooms and is almost the best accommodation in Ljubljana, Slovenia if you want to stay in a hotel.

Hotel also has wellness centre where you find indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness studio or relax with wide range of massages. Apart wellness it has business room with access to internet, computers and printer. They also have exchange office, newspaper and gift shop, fashion boutique, hairdressing salon and jeweller in hotel.Hotel’s adress is GRAND HOTEL UNION **** executive, Miklošičeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana. You can make reservatiosn online or via E-mail on

Next one will be Hotel Slon. Hotel Slon has 168 well-appointed and comfortable rooms from which most of them are newly renovated and also feature DVD players and LCD screen TVs. Hotel Slon has relaxation zone on the rooftop where you can choose between finnish sauna and fitness center. Relaxation zone is free of charge for all hotel guests. Hotel Slon is also part of the Best Wwestern hotel chain which consists from over 4000 hotels in 80 countries.

In hotel you also have garage parking, newspaper shop, currency exchange office, business centre and laundry and dry cleaning service. They also offer free Wi-Fi internet throughout the hotel and also free use ofcomputer with internet in the lobby.

Reservations are done online or via E-mail on Hotel’s adress is HOTEL SLON d.d. LJUBLJANA, Slovenska cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana.

And now the final hotel, only 5-star hotel in Ljubljana and also one of rare 5 star hotel in Slovenia, hotel Lev. If yoo are type of person that wants just best of the beyt type of accommodation then hotel Lev is best choise. Hotel offers 173 luxurious rooms. You can choose from standard and superior rooms. All rooms have electronic key-lock, bath or shower, mini-bar, television and also pay TV, dial phone and internet. Businees room also have fax machine and also printing and copying facilities. Since the hotel is the only 5-start hotel i won’t bother you with details what they offer and have in hotel. They have more or less everything.

If you decide to travel in Ljubaljan and want to book up your stay in Hotel Lev use online reservation or E-mail them on or call then on phone number +386 1231 7271. Their adress on the other hand is HOTEL LEV d.d., Vošnjakova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana.

If you travel to Slovenia I sure hope you will enjoy accommodation and your stay in Ljubljana and that if you decide to visit any of these 3 hotels you will not be dissapointed.

Travel website directory is a web site that contains links to websites related to tourism, thus it is an important way for travel agencies and accommodation providers to gain customers, who browse such a website directory looking for travel or accommodation offers. Such a directory is, which offers website listings in numerous categories (by continents, countries and service).
For example, if you were looking for accommodation in Ljubljana, Slovenia, you would browse the Europe category for Slovenia country and then check either apartments or hotels. Let’s say we would check the apartments sub-category out and then look for any website relating to Ljubljana apartments. You can find apartments Slovenia or even for the the whole world by browsing the major directory that covers all countries of the world. Thus you can find everything you are looking for or offer your own service through these listings. To boot, is free!

Relaxing accommodation in Ljubljana ’s most idyllic and green area? It can be yours now too. Apartment Hiska is placed in the old part of Ljubljana, with river Ljubljanica and the main tourist attractions literally at your door step. From there you can explore the rest of Ljubljana’s cultural secrets or visit other parts of Slovenia. The apartment is fully equipped, offering you very relaxing accommodation during your stay at Ljubljana. Amongst other equipment is also a free broadband wi-fi connection, so anyone can stay in touch with the families, friends, Visit house rent Ljubljana ’s website and see for yourself – accommodation in Ljubljana was never so affordable.

At summer season, lots of tourist from all over Europe are searching the apartments and other accommodation suits in Adriatic coast. Visit the accommodation Croatia website and find the best aparments all across Croatian sea-side. There are a lot of tourist-interesting places you can visit in Croatia, but that’s not the only country in the region worth of your travel. If you are travelling to Slovenia, check what kind of accommodation Ljubljana as the capital city offers its tourists. In general, not only at Ljubljana, but accommodation Slovenia is offering to its visitors and tourists rates as one of the best in Europe. In Slovenia, you can virtually climb the highest mountains in the morning and enjoying the seaside in the afternoons.