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Fun dates bring excitement and interest to dating. It’s hard for a date to be forgotten when you’re cruising down the road in a rented sports car or surfing the air currents in a hot air balloon. Great friendrfinder dating ideas start with a little forethought and usually end with a smile. Here are a few fun dating ideas to get the ball rolling.

Go Riding

Find a place that will let you ride horses and go for a trail ride. This is a great way to get outside, enjoy nature and the fun of hoseback riding.

Rent a Car

Rent a luxury sports car for the day and take a trip out of town. Just because you don’t own one doesn’t mean you can’t drive one!

Go Karts

Find your local track and get suited up for a wild ride! If you find the right track and karts with the speed you need, this can be an exhilarating date!

$10 million

You’ve just won ten million dollars, or so you should pretend! Head out with your date and start making that list of things you’re going to buy. This is a great way to kick your cares free for a day.

Rock Climbing

Find an indoor gym that gives lessons and climb! It’s great exercise and a fun challenge for the both of you to undertake together.


Although not for the faint of heart, paintball can be a rush for the right couple. Fields usually allow walk-ons on weekends so why not take on the world with that special someone and a bucket of paint?


Golfing on a smaller scale is a nice, relaxing way to spend some time. Find a course near you, but be careful of the windmill. It can be deadly!


Play sailor for a day and get out on the waves. The local marina or yacht club probably offers lessons. You can also rent a canoe and head up or down a local river. Don’t forget your lifejacket!

Hot Air Balloon

Take a trip on a hot air balloon. Sure, it’s a little bit heavy on the cash but from hundreds of feet in the air, it won’t matter. It will be just you, the person you love, and some strange guy named Bruno who’s there to pull the string.

Flight Simulators

These are popping up all around and they’re quite good. Block off an hour and you can go head-to-head with your date in a heavily simulated situation. Look to your phone book for locations near you.

Now it’s your turn. Drop some suggestions below for fun dating ideas that you know of and keep the excitement of dating alive for all of us!

The end of a major relationship can be the beginning of something bigger and brighter when you’re ready for it to be. Dating after divorce can be difficult, considering that your whole life used to revolve around one person. Your social circles are different, your friends may have changed and you could have lost contact with the singles scene. Online frinend dating provides an answer to these problems. You don’t have to reconnect with old friends to help you meet someone new. You don’t have to worry about talking to mutual friends you share with your ex about your intentions to date. And the singles scene can come to you, if you have access to the Internet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to get back into the game through online dating.

If you’re going to be dating online after divorce, you’re going to need a handlean online name. We suggest putting a fresh face on. Pick something liberating. This is a new beginning, after all! There are a number of other things to consider when picking a name, so if you’re stuck and need a hand, take a flip through this article on picking your handle. After the picture, your name is probably the next thing people look at.

Speaking of pictures, lets hope you’ve kept some around to use for your profile! Pictures are essential to any profile. Now we realize there may be some issues after divorce that could get in the way of using pictures for online dating. Certainly, some you wont overcome, but you cant get away from the fact that physical attraction is the easiest thing to figure out. You look, you see, you like or you don’t like. Some call it superficial but really its just realistic. If you’d like some more info on getting your picture up and running, check our profile perfection page. Pictures are your best tool to get you back into dating after divorce so make sure to use them to your advantage!

Words will tell the story you want others to hear and this will come out in what you write in your profile. Just about every site has a series of multiple-choice questions to answer, such as your age, height and marital status. Most will also allow you to include a personal essay and you should take advantage of it. Whether you choose to mention your divorce or not is up to you. For some people it will be extremely important while for others it wont mean a thing. Your past is personal, though, so you shouldn’t feel pressure either way.

“Dating after divorce is scary, exciting and can be a lot of fun if youre ready to make the transition.”

If you use an online dating site to meet people after your divorce, email and instant messaging communication will undoubtedly be in your future. How you handle it might make or break your chances when you come across the right connection. If you’re unsure of how quality conversation takes place, you should do a little reading . Many people prefer instant messaging programs these days, so you’ll need to get a copy of popular programs such as the AOL instant messenger or MSN Messenger.

So now, weeks later, you’ve met some interesting people, some of which may even be dating after divorce, too. You’ve shared smiles and exchanged emails. You’ve spent hours typing back and forth to each other over instant messaging and have even had a phone call or two. Perhaps its time for a first date? Dating after divorce is a big step, but as you’ll be able to tell from getting back online, it isnt impossible. Now that you’re on the verge of your first meeting, you should take into consideration the power of a first impression.

Dating after divorce is scary, exciting and can be a lot of fun if you’re ready to make the transition. Online dating is easy and probably the best way for you to connect with singles in your area. It carries advantages, such as anonymity and the ability to search for specific criteria, which those recently out of a marriage might be seeking. Check out some of our dating site reviews and see if any speak to your needs. Good luck with the first few steps you take to forming your new life!

A friend once asked me if I could write a profile for her. She had been online for a number of months and wasn’t getting the response she was hoping for. Seeing as she was much better with numbers than with words, I said yes, as any good friend would. I thought I would write up a great profile, making sure that anyone who read it sent her an email without even thinking twice. She was relieved and I was happy to be of service.
I punched up her online dating personals ad and I read it from top to bottom. By the end of it, I realized the horrible truth: I really couldn’t help her. What stared back at my from the bright screen was a great description of her. She was open about her likes and dislikes, such as the Simpsons and business shows. She spoke about her love of fried foods and her aquarium. She mentioned how she was never really into the bar scene and would prefer to stay home on weekends with a good book and teen comedies. This was her to a tee. The only problem I could think of is that she was open and honest and there just weren’t a lot of people looking for the same things.
The moral of this story is that we are who we are. Writing about anything in your profile that’s an accurate reflection of who you are is the best thing you can do. You might not attract people in droves, but you’re guaranteed to attract the right kind of people – the kind that are interested in you!