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Destination Management Company, or if we make that shorter and just say it as DMC is company which deals with accommodations, business events, meetings or more specific tourism in general. But you have to learn difference between DMC and some normal tourism companies. Tourism companies deals with normal tourism, holidays and trips and that kind of things, but Destination Management Company or as we said DMC deals with business tourism, they planing destinations for events and meetings take care for incentives…  There is not really huge number of DMC companies in the world, because that isn’t really easy job to fit in. Clients are not easy to find so that really is hard work to do. But anyway there are some really good DMC companies which take a good care for their work so clients, which are generally important peoples are satisfied with them. So if you planning a perfect event and you don’t know where to find a place for it, now you know where to look for it.

Travel website directory is a web site that contains links to websites related to tourism, thus it is an important way for travel agencies and accommodation providers to gain customers, who browse such a website directory looking for travel or accommodation offers. Such a directory is, which offers website listings in numerous categories (by continents, countries and service).
For example, if you were looking for accommodation in Ljubljana, Slovenia, you would browse the Europe category for Slovenia country and then check either apartments or hotels. Let’s say we would check the apartments sub-category out and then look for any website relating to Ljubljana apartments. You can find apartments Slovenia or even for the the whole world by browsing the major directory that covers all countries of the world. Thus you can find everything you are looking for or offer your own service through these listings. To boot, is free!