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Your all inclusive Croatia holiday is not complete if it doesn’t include cycling tours, swimming, and other close-to-nature expeditions. Read through our following recommendations:


With its quiet roads and dramatic landscapes, Croatia holds immense potential to turn into a global cycling hotspot. Cycling Croatia provides self-guide and guided tours in both Dalmatia and Istria. Its Gastro Cycling and Istria Wine tours take you to through regions such as Rovinj, Pula, Umag and Porec., and later veers into the hilly towns of Motovun and Groznjan, before heading back to Pula. En route, there’s wine tasting, gourmet dining, and local oysters and truffles sampling. Some of the cultural highlights comprise the Roman amphitheater, the Euphrasian Basilica’s golden mosaics, and Motovun medieval buildings.


For swimming enthusiasts, there is Strel Swimming Adventures that conducts week-long tours in Dalmatia. The routes may vary depending on wind and weather conditions, and the group members’ swimming abilities. The highlights of the tour include exploring the turquoise waters and rocky islets, besides the thundering waterfalls.


Located on the west coast of Istria, Umag plays host to ATP Croatia Open. It also has a tennis academy for adults and children, with various programmes — from amateur to advanced level, with major emphasis on tennis strategy, on-court exercises, condition training and match tactics. The casual courses run for a couple of hours — the more intense ones last for four hours.


The mountainous interior of Croatia is ideal for walkers, served with cozy eateries and properly marked paths. There are several organized adventure packages offered that provide a tour of Risnjak’s dense forests, North Velebit’s mountains, Plitvice’s falls and lakes, Paklenica’s rugged canyons and peaks, etc. Every day, you’ll be walking for a few hours over the easy-to-tread moderate terrain, spending nights at B&B’s and three-star hotels in the riverside villages en route.


Split supposedly houses more professional sports athletes per capita when compared to any other international city. Besides basketball, football, water polo, tennis and athletics, locals also reign supreme in extreme sports. There are organized tours offering opportunities to indulge in a variety of sports, including rock climbing and hiking, sea-kayaking, etc. All the essential equipment and professional guidance are offered to the participants.

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