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If you are thinking about camping in Istria, there are a variety of camping Istria sites to choose from. Istria is halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. It is the closest seaside area for many Central European countries. Some of the campsites that you can choose from in the area are Pula, Rovinj, Novigrad, and Motovun. You can book your vacation on the online site:

Istria is a beautiful place to stay at. It has a red soil in the interior, a green forest, and a sea on the coast. The cuisine is something to enjoy and if you like to drink, you will find Muskat, Refosk, Malvazija, and Teran wines. This peninsula will give you a touch of history with also the modern amenities for tourists. The climate there is mild. It has warm and dry summers and winters that are mild and pleasant. During the summer months you may have more than 10 hours of sunshine. Having this kind of weather makes it perfect to go camping. Below are some of the things that you can do while camping in Istria.

You can climb up the tower of St. Euphemia. St. Euphemia is in Rovinj. It is the highest bell tower in Istria and offers a nice view of the town below. At the top of the tower you will see a bronze statue of St. Euphemia who is the patron saint of Rovinj. Another thing you can do is walk the ancient town of Motovun. It is a medieval fortress that has been preserved. You can walk along the walls and see the view of the Motovun Forest and River Mirna. One other thing that you might enjoy is Cape Kamenjak. The Cape is on the southern tip of the peninsula. It features fish and wildlife that has not been touched. It is open to divers, visitors, sports fishermen, and those who want to look at how beautiful it is. So as you can see, there is a variety of different things that you can do while you are camping in the area of Istria.

Mobile homes are also called manufactured homes, they are built in a factory where all the required amenities and parts needed by the residence are fitted. After completion they are transported to a location of their choice which can be turned into permanent home. Many people have mobile homes in parks. At times they can be mounted on the vehicle or a truck.

Mobile homes have a many of advantages which include, they are affordable since they are cheap, it is an easy way of finally having a home that is not rental. When compared to building a home on a site it is way cheaper to have a mobile one. It is a housing form where you can pay in installment until you get to own a home. Mobile homes will save you the agony of always paying rent; they solve your problem by owning a home. When a mobile home is locate in a park one is not required to pay property tax and you will not be in charge of amenities that are in the park.

Mobile homes located in the park offer a peaceful environment for a vacation making them very suitable to take a break there and relax. Mobile homes give a good camping opportunity for especially the mobile homes that are in trailers. If one is interested in keeping childhood memories they can chose not to sell their mobile homes that their parents used. With Mobile homes there are minimal disturbances since there are no close neighbors. Have no very close neighbors so there is minimal disturbance. Mobile homes in the parks need minimal maintenance on trees trimming and mowing. When out for camping and vacation it is easier to maintain people since the yards are small and people get to be together in a small place hence closer to each other.
The community perks with mobile homes have facilities such as pools; there is population and age restriction so people feel safer in mobile home parks. Finally there is home ownership as one can do whatever they want with the mobile home, you can paint it, completely remodel it or upgrade it with time to meet your needs and specifications. The factors makes a mobile home park the best place for camping and taking a vacation.

The fresh air, relaxing breeze and the sunny spots where you can bask in the sun are some characters that characterize Rovinj camping. There are different activities that you can engage in while camping here. Well, you are in luck because you cannot only enjoy these facilities buy you can also have more. There are those who prefer nude beaches, well, you can have a stroll or even a long swim in the cool waters. Apart from this, you may also go fishing given that Rovinj is a popular fishing town. You can go on a long fishing voyage with your friends or even engage in sport fishing. Besides this, Rovinj Camping is ideal due to its ease of access by road, air or water. The strategic position of Rovinj ensures that you can reach it within two hours by air from a location in Europe.

There are so many things that make Rovinj camping such a unique experience. The bird park ensures that you see stunning species of local birds in their natural habitat. In addition, you get to sample the different coves and caves. Besides this, you have the chance to experience breathtaking scenery from different locations on the Island. Its scenic blue waters will ensure that you go swimming before the end of your trip. The town has preserved its natural vegetation and climate for long to ensure that you get a feel of nature. You may also participate in diving sessions where you study different plants and animals at the sea bed. There are diverse flora and fauna species that have a lot of interesting facts to come to terms with. Besides the sea bed, the natural park of Palud will be an interesting destination for those who love studying flora and fauna. Instead of just pure diving, you may engage in snorkeling at your own convenience.

You cannot conclude a camping experience in Rovinj without sampling the local dishes. The mouth-watering dishes will leave you asking for more. Join in the fun during one of the popular events in Rovinj and get to interact with the local people who are always booming with warm hospitality gestures. You may even decide to have a cook out in your camp with your fellow guest as you play different games. Rovinj Camping is not only suitable for adults but also for the whole family. You may bring your children and pets with you for an experience like no other. Sample and participate in different music genres while camping in Rovinj. There are different evening concerts that can keep you entertained for all your evenings in Rovinj.


Croatia is a picturesque destination for camping. The country has gorgeous weather to support the escapade. For your next vacation, choose Croatia, as you will not be disappointed. Picture serene getaways that will give you chance to relax and bond with your loved ones if they tag along. Be sure to arrange for your visit early in advance to avoid the last minute rush, which is often futile. In essence, you will need a passport, visa, and other appropriate destination depending on your country of origin. Visit the Croatian travel authority in your home country to get guidance concerning the steps to follow for entry into this wonderful destination.

On the very first day of your camping escapade, expect to feel a great sense of relaxation. The reason for this feeling is that you are finally away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. The best part is that you do not have to carry any accessories for the visit. You can rent camping gear at an affordable price. After you have found appropriate camping equipment, look for an appropriate spot to set up. If you experience difficulty finding a spot to set up, ask for a tour guide from the management of the camping facility. Tour guides are always on standby to assist stranded tourist or simply take them on a tour of magnificent attractions of Croatia.

You will get the thrill of your life when you sleep in the open and take walks on the sandy beaches. If you have come with a loved one, this is the perfect opportunity to bond. Consider sailing in Croatia during your stay. This activity will make your camping trip even better especially if you have never sailed before. You may even host a party at the camp by lighting a bonfire. However, you will need to have a talk with the management on directions concerning throwing parties at the camp so that you do not violate any policies. Either way, fun is the keyword. Make the most out of your camping escapade. Get ready to marvel at the sights and sounds of Croatia as you camp.

Croatia is perhaps a dream destination for adventure tourists, thanks to the country’s diverse physical traits. In other words, the sovereign state provides multiple resources for adventurous and outdoor activities, such as camping. People who love plains and mountains would feel at home when in Slavonia and the Dinaric Alps. Then there’s Istria for beachside camping lovers, along with the archipelagos. And the variety of national parks and the Plitvice Lakes are cherries to the already sumptuous Croatian cake!

Warmer Climate

People who live in the colder parts of the world would find Croatia’s warm Mediterranean climate a great reprieve. There are several islands to go camping in Croatia – of those; Krk and Cres are the biggest. Brijuni Islands, at the northern portion of the country, is also a wonderful spot for camping enthusiasts, comprising fourteen islets. If you explore further camping Croatia options, you’ll come across greener forests – primarily due to the presence of pine forests and vegetation. The islands, Brac and Vis, are the most fascinating and sunniest islands in the country.

Istria Camping

Camping in Istria is quite famous, for the place’s cultural confluence and diversity. The place shares its borders with Italy and is one of the most picturesque and prosperous destinations in the country. Besides being easy to access, Istria has many towns that are dotted liberally with historic structures. Camps can be put up in the resort towns that are beautifully placed within the natural settings. When camping in Istria, tourists are also likely to witness several local festivals and events that happen frequently.

Camping Croatia Preparation

Before heading out for a camping Croatia tour, it’s important you have a proper checklist in place, which you adhere to strictly. Several aspects of the checklist have to be determined based on group strength and also the campsite location. If heading to a more secluded and remote place, you’ll have to pack-in all essentials equivalent to the number of days you’ll spend for the trip. However, if you’re likely to spend most of your time in much more developed regions like Istria, you can afford to rely on local markets for the requisite supplies, which includes items such as repellents and flashlights.

The number one thing that most people factor into the decisions they make would be the overall cost that is going to come with anything they choose to spend their money on. The primary purpose attached to waking up and getting into the office every day would be to make money that is helpful in ensuring that we have the ability to enjoy the things that we are interested in when the opportunity is present. However, many people find that vacations are difficult for them to bring into their lives because of the fact that they are often very expensive from a financial point of view. When you factor in the cost of securing a plane ticket with a hotel experience, this can easily turn into something that you simply cannot afford. It would be wise to examine the way that you think about taking a break from your job in order to have a great vacation experience in the future.

Instead of spending a fortune on a plane ticket and hotel stay, you may want to think about the possibility of going with the experience of camping in croatia. This simple adjustment to the way that you think about your next vacation would be an effective way to streamline all of the things that are involved with getting away from your desk and taking part in an amazing vacation. This alternative vacation option is affordable, you would not have to worry about a large financial burden on your shoulders.

As a result, you will not have to worry about the possibility that you will have to engage in putting money away for a long period of time prior to reaching the end point. Instead, you would simply have the security of knowing that camping is something which you would always be able to turn to in order to eliminate the stress that is adding up within your life. Stress can cause you to become sick, it can make you feel that you are in a terrible employment situation. However, camping can set your mind and body free once again.

Putting an affordable vacation together is something that many people have decided to consider an experience of the past. These people assume that no matter how hard they try, it is simply not possible for them to end up with a vacation that they would be able to afford. When this is the way that you think about travel, it would be very easy to push yourself out of the market. The first thing that you should understand would be that there are many affordable options available. Something such as camping in croatia would provide you with an alternative when you are simply interested in getting out of your surroundings and taking your family on vacation. When you start to begin the process of planning for this trip, it will become clear that you do not have to carry around the same outdated ideas about vacations or the cost of traveling.

The way that you think is not something that you will often take the time to breakdown. Instead, it is simply a process that you engage in without having an understanding of the fact that you may be harming the goal that you are working toward. Telling yourself that there is nothing out there which is going to fit into your criteria would be harmful to your ability to take a vacation in the future. While it is true that vacations can be very costly, you should not allow this to hinder your ability to getaway in the future.

Instead, you may want to educate yourself about all of the great things that you can count on when you begin working toward the possibility of camping in croatia. Spending money on a costly hotel is a simple mistake that people tend to make without giving it very much thought. When you do this, your vacation is going to leave your finances in a state of suffering for some time. Instead, you may want to experience the joy of camping, you will be amazed at the feeling of freedom from any worries that this nature-oriented experience will offer to your family.

If you have never thought about taking a vacation in Croatia, then now is the time to start considering it. Below are a few reasons why you should take your next vacation in Croatia.

Camping, Beaches And Museums
Sure, you can go camping virtually anywhere, but nothing compares to camping in Croatia. Croatia is a unique place that offers you a unique camping experience that you will love, and with so many different places you can camp at, there is a good chance you can find the perfect camping spot. If you are a beach person, then you will love what Croatia has to offer you. With some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches located there, you are bound to find the ideal beach. Whether you want to spend time on a rather quiet beach or go to a beach where a lot of tourists visit, you will find what you’re looking for. Do you have a family with kids? If so, then you can bring them on vacation too and enjoy some of the best museums in the world. These museums include the Mimara Museum and the Croatian Museum of Native Art. Both of these museums are unique and will provide you and your family with a memorable experience as you take a glimpse at amazing galleries and exhibits. In other words, the region has it all and you can experience all of these things and more.

Temples And Castles And It Is Affordable
When you take a vacation in Croatia, then you can enjoy viewing the different temples and castles located throughout the region. You will be left amazed when you view the Temple of Augusta or the Kamerlengo Castle, so make sure you bring your camera. Before we forget, we want to mention that taking a trip to the region may be more affordable than you think. Booking accommodation and flights is very easy to do and you might be surprised at just how affordable a vacation can be. If you want to have a great time and enjoy a vacation you won’t soon forget, then book a trip to Croatia today.

Regardless of the amount of money that you are getting paid at the moment, you have likely noticed the price increases that you are being subjected to on a daily basis. Prices attached to foods that you love and services that you need have increased drastically within the last year, this is something that can often cause you to feel very limited when it comes to the things that you are able to afford. Typically, this would translate into a burden that people tend to see as a reason that they are not going to be able to enjoy a vacation that they may have been counting on. If you have struggled with the idea of wanting to go on vacation and feeling like you cannot afford to do so, it is important to ensure that you give yourself more flexibility. Worrying about the amount of money that you are going to spend on vacation can be a good thing, this can help you find a variety of affordable alternatives such as camping in croatia and making the most of all of the beauty that comes with spending time in nature. So camping in the afordable solution for you.

A common problem that people tend to come across when thinking about a vacation is simply that they factor in the costs of things such as visiting a variety of tourist attractions or spending the weekend at an amusement park that may translate into some additional costs that could quickly become a burden for a family that does not have a large amount of movement room within their budget. If this is how you have attempted to put a vacation together, you may want to switch your approach by going for something that is much more cost effective. The experience of camping in croatia is an idea which is going to cost much less than spending the day at a very popular theme park. Additionally, the simplicity of this unique idea ensures that it is a stress free experience which the members of your family are going to fall in love with. Go camping today and eliminate your vacation budgeting troubles.

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