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Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media sites across the global divide. Apart from being one of the most popular social media tools, it has proven to be powerful marketing platform for businesses as well. This is owed to the high percentage of active users, who present a potential market base. Facebook advertising presents an opportunity to collect vital data to help you boost your advertisement targeting as well as attain a more effective and efficient advertising experience.

Before venturing into Facebook adverting, you first need to identify your goals for each campaign. Knowing what you intend to accomplish will make things easy for you, especially when it comes to strategizing. This means that if you are driven by a motive to grow your Facebook page, you need to employ a page likes campaign strategy. Alternatively, if your goal is to lure attention to a certain announcement or message, then post engagement advertising may come in handy.

Facebook advertising leads to enhanced brand awareness. Since most Facebook users have a tendency of checking their newsfeed several times each day, you ads attain repeated exposure. In fact, the continued visibility or presence of your ads help to cultivate a growth in trust and an opportunity to retarget a certain audience in the future. Facebook also enjoys a large mobile audience due to the increased smartphone penetration around many parts of the world. More specifically, the Facebook mobile app receives more than 800 million users who access it on a daily basis.

Facebook provides a wide-range of not only targeting but also retargeting options. These options can help your business narrow down the target audience in terms of age, geographic location, interests among many others. With the power editor tool, you can operate your Facebook advertising campaigns more easily. Additionally, you can leverage the use of a tracking pixel by inserting it into pages within your site. Doing so allows you to target the preferred customers with the commodities that they seem more interested in buying.

If your business is not qualified enough to undertake effective Facebook advertising, look for reputable experts in this field. Professionals will not only craft valuable and interesting content but also help you plan and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns appropriately.

When you run or administer a site, you have to keep track of your visitors so that you can find out what they like and what they don’t. Web analytics is the measurement, analysis and reporting of web and visitor data. The goal of web analytics is to improve the overall site usage. Since a site may have a lot of visitors, numbering in millions for the more popular sites, the amount of data that may be collected is very high. When you have a lot of web analytics data, it is not easy to find the information that you seek among all the data. That is why web analytics is not such an easy task. We therefore bring you a number of tips that will help improve how you analyze your web analytics data, so that you can improve your site usage.

One of the main things you can notice from your web analytics data is the type of web browser that is used by your visitors. For every visitor that visits your site, you can find out the name of the browser, the version number, the screen resolution used by the browser, the operating system, as well as other metrics such as the java or flash version that is installed on that browser. The screen resolution should tell you what are the most common screen resolutions that are used by your visitors, so that you can customize your website for that resolution. This way you can ensure that your site is presented well for every popular resolution that is used by your visitors. If you find that the firefox users are not able to view your site well, you can then fix your website code.

There are a couple of terms that you should be familiar with when you want to analyze your web analytics. The bounce rate refers to the percentage of the users visit your site, but then left the site without visiting another page. The exit percentage refers to percentage of users who exited a page, but only to visit some other page of your own site.


Website owners and businesses alike can benefit from Facebook advertising. However, the truth is that many people don’t know how to use the platform to their advantage. At least when it comes to advertising. With that said, below are three tips to help you get the most from advertising on Facebook.

Try Facebook Offers
Advertisers should take advantage of Facebook Offers, which can capture your targeted audience’s attention. This features lets you promote a deal to Facebook users. You can use an offer to give something away for free, but in exchange for the users’ email address. You can give away an ebook or something of that nature. When it comes to this kind of Facebook advertising, you should target your fans/friends first. If you get a good response, then you can spend a little bit more and reach a larger number of people.

Add Images
Facebook advertising can be more effective when you use multiple images. When you create a PPC ad on Facebook, add a few images. Just make sure the images are different from one another because this will draw the most attention. Facebook allows you to upload six images in total, so try to use six images or at least three.

Customize Your Headline
A lot of people don’t customize their headline of the ad they create. Facebook automatically chooses the headline, which is the same as the title of your page’s profile. Don’t leave the title as-is, and create a more enticing heading. A headline can make or break an advertising campaign, so if you don’t have a catchy headline, then don’t expect people to click on it. If your headline is eye-catching and explains what your ad is or you make it as interesting and unique as possible, then many people will click on it.

Advertising Facebook is one of the best ways to reach current and potential customers. It’s also one of the quickest ways to grow your business, get new customers to visit both your website and physical location, if you do have a brick-and-mortar location. However, you want to keep the above tips in mind to get the most from it.


Love it or hate it, Facebook is still the largest social media platform around. As such, it is one of your best available tools for marketing your business or project and attracting the right clientele and customers, and perhaps increasing revenue. Of course, these results are not simply something you happen upon. Instead, it is the direct result of effective Facebook community management.

What Does effective Facebook Community Management Look Like?

While every business or project is unique in its own right, there are specific tenets that are a necessary part of effectively managing the Facebook community tied to the same. In other words, there are patterns to successfully managing a Facebook community. These patterns include the following:

1. Using well-designed template

Social media, and in particular, Facebook is an increasingly visible platform. As such, designing templates that are clean in design, and that reflect your brand as far as colors and communication style are concerned, is increasingly important. Creating such templates will give your brand a distinctive look. These sorts of posts tend to be attractive and help inspire interaction from members of your Facebook community.

2. Posting actionable content

In addition to creating attractive content, it helps if the posts are also interactive. Captioning posts with information that encourage users to respond will help increase interaction within your Facebook community. So, if your brand leans toward the funnier, lighter side of life, for example, then captions that reflect this while requiring some response from those who come across the post is a good place to start.

3. Being consistent

Consistency is the name of the game where effective Facebook community management is concerned. It helps a lot when your audience has an idea regarding what to expect from you. It makes your brand both reliable and engaging.

Using Your Facebook Community As A Lead Page

A Facebook community is a great place to bring your audience together while pointing them to your bigger picture. Your website traffic, or sales for your products and services, for example, can get a big boost from employing the above tips in managing your Facebook community. Start employing the principles of effective Facebook community management today and begin enjoying the benefits thereof.



Web analytics is something that didn’t exist just over a decade ago. Now, they are an extremely effective asset to every company that uses them. Analytics are basically metrics that companies can use to help identify what is effective and ineffective about their website. This will help them tailor the site to the users and help them get an optimal experience. It will also help the company get great results when it comes to sales.

How Web Analytics Work

Analytics are effective because they are exhaustive. Any kind of information can be gathered and analyzed. After the data that is requested is obtained, the information can be studied to understand what direction the company should go in with their website in the future. Some important stats are how many people visit the site each day, where they spend their time when they are at the site, what they click on, and how much time they spend on the site. Click-throughs are also a very important statistic when it comes to Google analytics.


Click-throughs are very important to sites that are geared towards SEO. This stat measures the amount of people that click on links on the website that leads them to other high authority websites. The most effective SEO companies help their sites have a high click through rate. They are good because they improve the analytics of the site that is being linked from and the site that is being linked too.


Any site that wants to improve their sales should employ the use of Google Analytics. If people aren’t spending a lot of time at your site, they are unlikely to spend money there. It’s important to find ways to keep people at the website longer so that they either buy something or use the information in a way that will benefit the company. Analytics can also analyze sales on a very basic level. Sales is something that every company should have their eye on at all times if they want to be effective in any way. Not using web analytics is a huge mistake for any website that wants to improve the success of its company..


According to data from Facebook, more than 1.4 Billion people have an account on Facebook. That’s a number that is more than four times the population of the United States. It also implies that almost one in five people in the world have a Facebook account. To reach them, all you have to do is create a Facebook advertisitng campaign. In other words, there is no single social platform that allows you to reach one in five people in the world. Therefore reach is the one major advantage of advertising on Facebook.

Another advantage of Facebook advertisements is that you can create targeted ads. Advertisements can be targeted based on an individual’s location, age, gender, interests, as well as what they do on Facebook. Among these, location is one of the most important factors, because this allows an auto repair centre based in Chicago, for example, to reach the people who are based in Chicago. Similarly, if you are advertising for a club that caters to youth, you can make the advertisements target only people in the target age group.

Facebook allows you to create image based ads. This is in contrast to the rival service Google Adwords, which only allows you to create text based ads. With image based ads, you have more flexibility in the type of ads you can create. Along with the ability to create targeted advertisements, this adds an ability that is not available in any other major advertising platform.

One major benefit of advertising on Facebook is that you can specify an upper limit on the amount spent by you on any given advertising campaign. This assures you that you won’t end up paying through the roof for a successful advertising campaign.

Another major advantage of Facebook ads is that they allow you to reach mobile phone users. According to Facebook, more than 700 million users regularly use Facebook from their mobile phones. And the advertisements displayed to such users are also tailored for smartphones, giving them all the more reason to click them. This makes Facebook Advertising an excellent medium to reach mobile phone users too.


A good number of online marketers use Google AdWords as their major pay-per-click network. But the question of whether one could use the tool to drive their SEO campaign is much debated. And though many digital marketers tend to keep them as separate campaign strategies, the goal remains the same, which is increasing conversion and traffic. So in addition to using AdWords to increase paid traffic to a site, there are some ways in which one could use it for search engine optimization.

Keyword Research

Because keywords are the basis of any optimization campaign, one always needs to research them. And despite the availability of many special research tools, Google AdWords is simply miles ahead. To utilize the tool, one can either enter their site’s URL or put in some seed keywords, after which a bunch of appropriate keywords will be displayed. One can then analyze them to see which ones would be relevant and have a favorable global search volume.

Enhancing Conversion

Having picked the keywords, one needs to verify if they really work, i.e. if they convert like they should. No matter how well one can pick their keywords, it’s really hard to know if they will work well or not if they’re not tested in practice. This can be done with the help of an AdWords campaign. It would only take about a week to figure out the bounce rate for a certain keyword and from there work out if it would make sense conducting organic optimization for it. Doing this could save a lot of time on SEO efforts that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Enhancing Click-Thru Rate

AdWords could help one get a better CTR (Click-Thru Rate) with their existing rankings. In practice, a low CTR makes it hard to monetize traffic from a keyword where one ranks well. This could be due to a number of reasons, among them an inadequate title and description. If one runs an AdWords campaign and is satisfied with the performance, they may change their ad title and description till they feel they’ve reached the maximum CTR for the keywords. Though this may take several attempts, one is almost guaranteed to land a magical combination after which the rest will be easy.

Google Adwords is a valuable tool for online marketers. This especially applies for publishers and SEO specialists because it offers valuable insights. This enables one save effort and resources in their optimization efforts.

Facebook advertising can be tricky because if you do it wrong, then you could be out of a lot of money and no results to show for it. When it’s done the right way, you could see amazing results and have a lot to show for it. Lucky for you, the tips below can help you.

Advertise Exclusive Deals On Facebook
Advertise exclusive deals on Facebook because this is a great way to generate more sales via Facebook. When you create an ad, make sure you state that the deals are only exclusive to Facebook. You can say something like “50% off for Facebook users” or something among those lines. By doing this, you will grow your followers on Facebook and you will make more sales.

Advertise exclusive deals at least 2-3 times per month because more and more people will become interested. Another good advertising tip is to run a month long sale on Facebook only and offer additional discounts to those who refer their Facebook friends to your page or when their Facebook friends make a purchase.

Create A Video And Boost It
People love watching videos on Facebook and you have a good chance at getting your video to go viral on Facebook. What you want to do is to create a video and post it to Facebook. Once you have published it, you can pay to boost it. If your budget allows it, spend as much money as possible because this will generate the most views and more people will likely share your video.

Pay For Followers
Facebook allows you to pay to increase your followers for your page. Take advantage of this at least 1-3 times per week. Doing it this often will gradually increase your fan base and generate interest in your page.

If you want to be successful with Facebook advertising, then pay for followers via Facebook advertising and make sure you run special offers exclusively for Facebook users. Create videos and boost them, but make sure your videos contain a call-to-action. If you do those three things, then you will have a lot of success with advertising on Facebook.

Building a website is just the very first step of setting up an online business. To generate sales, you need traffic and a highly-convertible website. For many people, generating traffic is a myth. In fact, it is not easy for a newbie to know how to generate traffic to his newly built site. It takes a lot of efforts to learn the ropes. There are two ways to generate traffic online: paid marketing and SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and the traffic you receive through SEO is free. Paid marketing means that you will pay for the traffic you receive. If you have a tight budget or no budget at all, then SEO is your best bet.

How to Do SEO?

It differs from one person to the next, but generally you will need to generate a lot of backlinks to your main website and use the power of social media sites to drive traffic to your money-making site. You will need to write a lot of high-quality article on topics related to your site and post them on highly-popular social media sites to generate backlinks and traffic to your main site. Guest blogging is another way to do it. Many popular sites need new content to keep their audience interested, so you can write articles for them and include a link back to your site at the end of the article.

What to Avoid When Doing SEO?

Search engine optimization requires a lot of time and efforts. You should not expect to see outstanding results overnight. If you come across some shady SEO services that promise instant results, don’t trust them right away. They may be using blackhat techniques which is strictly prohibited, or they just want to scam you of your money. Before using SEO services to increase the ranking of your site in search engine results, you should do your own homework and research everything well. In fact, it is best to do SEO on your own at the beginning to learn how things actually work. Once you know the ropes, you can hire services to do all the manual preoperative steps for you.

Marketing is a tough job, and it doesn’t get any easier these days as well because we live in a digital era wherein there are hordes of new trends and techniques sweeping over every now and then. While the internet is definitely a storehouse of information and you can have access to a lot of resources sitting in front of your computer, it is always good to get a fresh perspective on things! And what better way of doing it than to learn from the experts in a marketing conference? The Inorbit Conference 2016 is a must-attend event for all who wish to learn about marketing from the experts themselves.

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There is still time to register for the Inorbit Conference if you haven’t already. However, it is advisable to do so as fast as possible because time is running out since the event is just round the corner. With subsidized ticket rates, thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, it is definitely worthwhile to sign up or enroll for the seminar. Also, you will be taking home lots of actionable ideas with you to execute in your office/company!