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Persons not quite familiar with Google AdWords will wish to know why it is important to use the popular pay-per-click service. The ads are shown in the search results of Google. When the user makes use of the correct keywords, in way of targeting their audience, they are able to reach individuals who truly have an interest in their respective products and/or services. The following content provides five very good reasons why a company is wise to make use of AdWords.

A very meaningful reason to use the popular AdWords is that the results are measurable:

A primary advantage online marketing has over television, which is traditional, or print media, is its level of measurement. True: it can be challenging, measuring the results of an SEO campaign. The preceding is so since the user is unable to attain a precise measurement as to why his or her ad decreased or increased within the rankings. The way to get around the difficulty is by using the AdWords pay-per-click measurement. The AdWords tool is most generally one of the best ways to measure what is working and what is not doing so well. The preceding is true since the tool is literally full of metrics which perform the task of measurement for the user. The AdWords tool can be set up according to a user’s advertising campaign. In example, the AdWords tool can be set up according to precise keyword searches. In example, a niche example is Chicago-style pizza as opposed to Chicago or Pizza, both which are generalized searches. The tool allows the user to narrow his or her audience by way of location, language, and even the device used, among other elements.

Google AdWords is quicker in results than SEO:

The non-benefit of SEO is that it may take literally months before true, positive results are noticed. The time factor has to do with other sites vying for a high-ranking within the search results. When a user makes use of Google AdWords, once a particular campaign is live, results are instantaneous. The preceding aside, the SEO campaign is still necessary, in order to attain success on the Internet. It is just in the meantime, the AdWords strategy will get a user to the top of the search results instantaneously.

The use of Google AdWords engages its user with new and improved ads:

The company makes it a point to continually improve upon AdWords. The preceding is necessary because it is one of the company’s main income sources. Google noted that ads listing products and video ads on YouTube were attaining more clicks from individuals. The engagement ads provide more revenue for Google and their advertising partners due to new and improved advertising formats and extensions.

Google Adwords is instrumental in the control of ad costs:

AdWords allows the user to set a high-end cost daily for a campaign. The user knows full well where the amount is set. The setup allows the user to properly budget for his or her advertising campaign with no necessity to worry if his or her allocated ad costs are being unfavorably surpassed. The worst of it is that the amount of advertising may start to decrease, once the budget is set at a lower amount. That said, the user, too, may set his or her budgetary figure in accordance with the current budget. The feature is very favorable, especially for the individual who wishes to attain a great deal of leads within a short duration of time.

Sometimes several campaigns are running on a day-to-day basis:

The user with multiple campaigns is encouraged to break up each campaign into 3 various targeted areas-those being, Display Network, Google Search, and Mobile Search.

The AdWords concept provides its user with the ability to outdo the competition:

Since Google AdWords is speedy when compared with search engine optimization, its user possesses a primary advantage over his or her competition. The user will already appear within the search engines. This is to say his or her site will receive more coveted clicks from the search results than other organizations within the industry. Some say, though: What if other companies, in the same field are making use of Google AdWords? According to Moz, eighty percent of search results contain Google AdWords advertising. The placements cover as much as eighty-five percent of the top space on the results page. The higher level ranking ads are said to be above the fold, on the results page. The preceding is not meant to simply infer that Google is gaining a great deal in way of prosperity–as is certainly the case. It also means since Google AdWords are used by more advertisers, each day, it is best, in order to compete effectively, with other industry professionals, to join in the PPC activity of using Google AdWords. That way, everyone competing is receiving a favorable ranking.

Google adwords is a service for advertising offered by Google to companies that want to display adverts on Google and the advertising networks it has. The Google adwords program gives an option for the businesses to set a budget to use on advertising and they will only pay if someone clicks on the advert. Thou here are the reasons as why not to use Google adwords.

First you have to pay for clicks; we all know Google adwords you pay per clicks. This was never an issue before as the pay was reasonable and affordable. But nowadays a new company has to pay $5 and for just to get people to visit their website. You will appear on top of a Google page and have visitors but it does not assure having customers. Once a click has been done you have to pay Google regardless of whether a sale was made or not.

Secondly, it is hard competing with big companies, since adwords are more incline on the expensive side it is hard for small and startups businesses to compete with the large companies that are able to pay more. Thirdly, it offers limited characters, on Google adwords there is a limit on the number of characters you are allowed to use. Hence you face the challenge of formulating a headline explanatory lines and the display URL making it tricky to use adwords.

Fourth, a mistake can dearly cost you, if you forget to turn off the ads a clients end up wasting thousands of dollars. In case you have a spelling mistake and neglect your page Google will penalize you. Google does not allow mistakes since they only want high quality webs. Finally it does not fit your niche, simple because it is Google dealing with your adverts it is not a guarantee that the audience you are targeting will find you. This is because Google is broad and it concentrates on the more relevant choice of a page. Google adwords does not fit in all markets so before investing in it do a research on your audience for clarity.


Google AdWords tutorials and guides are galore online – written by individual bloggers and Google itself. However, despite the abundant information available, there are a few things many people still don’t know about the platform. Here are a handful of them:

i) Free ad management for three months

No, you aren’t getting free ads for 90 days, but Google Partners can possibly offer their fresh clients free management for three months, directly by the sales representatives of Google. This initial free-run means you can test the waters with Google advertising. The advertising costs, as mentioned earlier, are still payable. However, a large management fee is out of the window.

ii) Not all features may be appropriate

Google has several features under its hood and it keeps adding new ones to the tally quite consistently. So, there’s a lot to choose from for the potential client. However, not every feature works for everyone and it is, in fact, wise to ignore most. Learn more about the offerings and choose what best suits your needs.

iii) Video remarketing is not limited to YouTube

Remarketing is another attempt to attract visitors who didn’t care the first time. Since AdWords and YouTube are integrated, Internet video campaigns have become quite a common ground. But, many people still hold video campaigns only within YouTube realms. Most don’t realize it’s possible to feature a short video on a niche site that’s closely related to the video content. In fact, conversion rates are much higher this way since the audience is more targeted, unlike YouTube where general audience are likely to see marketing ads as an eyesore and ignore them, as a result.

iv) Mobile campaigns can account for desktop hits

In the past, Google AdWords offered different ads based on the device type. Much to marketers’ despair, the feature is no longer available but the mobile campaigns are on. However, the problem is that there’s no certainty the mobile ad budget would burn out only on mobile ad clicks. In other words, mobile ad campaigns do not exclude desktop views. In worst-case scenarios, you are likely to overpay for useless desktop clicks.