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Formerly known as Inex-Adria Airways, Adria Airways is currently the biggest airline in Slovenia. Founded in the year 1961 and having a fleet size of 12 aircrafts, Adria Airways operates in over 30 destinations. It was amongst the first airlines in the world to receive the IOSA registration. It has been a partner with Lufthansa since 1996 and a Star Alliance member since 2004. The head office of Adria Airways is in Ljubljana Airport and Cerklje na Gorenjskem in Slovenia. However, the airline has representative offices in Zurich, Frankfurt, Moscow and Brussels. The sales agents of Adria Airways are located in almost all the countries in Europe.

Booking flights with Adria Airways is really easy. One can either get it done online through the official website or offline through travel agencies. Of course, it is recommended to go to the official website to make the bookings because one can enjoy a lot of savings this way. For instance, if you need to catch flights to Skopje then you just need to enter Skopje in your destination, put in the location from which you’re flying and the scheduled date of flying. For return air tickets you can select the ‘Round-trip’ option instead of the ‘One-way’ option and then click on the ‘Find Flight’ button. There is also a ‘+/- 3 days’ option which allows you to include all the flights operating three days prior to and after the schedule flying date. This way you will be able to browse from a wide range of options and even save some money by selecting the cheapest flight, i.e. if you don’t have any fixed date preference for flying to Skopje.

The website makes the task of booking air tickets very easy. You can also access information about the type of aircrafts operating under Adria Airways. Currently there are four different types of airplanes being used: the Airbus A319, the Bombardier CRJ900LR, the CRJ700ER and the CRJ200LR. Be it flights to Skopje or to any other destinations like Ljubljana, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, etc, the flight crew of Adria Airways would ensure that your flight is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The cabin crew are well-trained and thus, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you travel with Adria Airways. The flight crew takes care of all your needs from finding your seat to stowing the hand baggage to giving a safety briefing to serving food and drinks. The crew is also trained to offer assistance to children, passengers who are ill or not feeling well and passengers with special needs.

The cabin crew of Adria Airways always have a pleasant disposition and a friendly smile. They greet passengers with warmth and undergo regular training because the safety of the passengers is paramount. Should an unfortunate mishap or emergency situation take place, the crew will be able to handle it and assure safety to the passengers thanks to their continuous training in passenger and commercial relations aspects. Another notable aspect of the cabin crew at Adria Airways which makes traveling with the airline so comfortable is the fact that the flight crew are multi-linguistic. Thus, communication will never be a problem when you’re onboard with Adria Airwyas.

For those who want their flights to Skopje to be very comfortable, they can explore the option of flying Business Class with Adria. Passengers who choose to fly business class with Adria are treated to a higher standard of services. Thus, full comfort and pleasure is guaranteed in this case, right from the time you arrive at the airport to the time when you reach your destination. Travelling in Business Class to Skopje or other locations provide you with the opportunity to rest, relax and/or work whilst enjoying greater privacy and comfort inside the aircraft. Hence, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination fresh and well-rested. Business Class flyers can directly approach a dedicated desk at the airport to check-in for the flight. These flyers also have access to the comfortable business lounge at the airport until the time of their flight. Here one can have drinks, read newspapers or munch on complimentary snacks whilst waiting. Another reason to fly Business Class is the food. The meals for such passengers are specially selected and one can also book a hand-picked special meal as per one’s preferences and have the order placed at least 48 hours before the flight.

Needless to mention, food is definitely a big reason for looking forward to flying. At Adria Airways there is a SkyShop which offers different kinds of food such as snacks, Potica (a Slovenian specialty), Pita (Pie), chocolates, Puro teas, coffees and hot chocolate, soft drinks, wine, beer and spirit drinks. They also offer a KidBox for children which consists of an activity book, a pen, a surprise gift, a drink and a snack. Thus, even children are taken care of in the most impressive manner!

When booking flights with Adria Airways, one shouldn’t be afraid of layovers. While non-stop flights are of course preferred, sometimes it pays to go for flights with layovers because one gets to save a lot of money during the plane change. What’s more, you also get to spend some time in the layover city and make it a part of your vacation if you aren’t pressed for time. Another great way of saving money on flights is to make bookings during off-peak seasons. What’s more, the destination you’re going to would also be less-crowded during these seasons therefore you won’t have to deal with a throng of other tourists wherever you go!

Another tip for booking flights with Adria is to check the fares often. The early bird gets the worm in this case. Therefore, you can save some serious cash if you just plan your trip in advance and make the booking. You will notice that the fares fluctuate on a daily basis and that some days the fare is going to be cheaper than the other. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled and the moment you spot a golden opportunity, don’t be afraid of jumping on it!

Ljubljana Slovenia is not typically on people’s top destinations, especially for those who live outside Europe, but it definitely should! Slovenia is beautiful country; a jewel and a peaceful haven situated in Central Europe. Its capital city, Ljubljana, is one of the greenest and most livable city in the European continent, maybe even the world. Ljubljana is bordered by the Ljubljanica river which has retained its pristine condition, still boasting its clear emerald-green waters. Along it are several cafes and establishments that lets you enjoy the scenery with your favorite drink or pastry. The city, considered as the heart of Slovenia, is an intriguing blend of modernity and tranquility, something you don’t see quite often in major cities all around the world. You most certainly have to see it for yourself.

Slovenia, having had both a beautiful and sentimental history, leaves its marks in the nooks and crevices of its towns and cities. This gives the entire country a certain romantic, almost nostalgic feel; it definitely leaves an unforgettable impression on those who have visited the country. The same can be said for Slovenia’s capital and largest city. With its historic landmarks, castles, and buildings which are, architecturally, something to marvel at, Ljubljana is nothing short of picturesque. However, it is not just the history that makes this city and country charming, it is also its continuing compromise with modernity. For example, Ljubljana has managed to direct car traffic only in the city’s center, away from the breathtaking view of the Ljubljanica river. The city has also managed a way to satisfy both your cultural senses and your partying gene, with its museums and clubs.

With all this, there is no question that Ljubljana should be on top of every one’s list, never mind if just pronouncing it already gives everyone a hard time. Kidding aside, Ljubljana Slovenia is worth your effort and resources. If you are tired of your usual daily grind and are in need of inner peace and self-reflection, then Ljubljana can be your temporary refuge. If you want the convenience that city-centers can give you, as well as the beauty and refreshing effects of nature, there can be no doubt that Ljubljana Slovenia is the place you’ve been hoping for.

Staying motivated to do things that you will enjoy is something that translates into a constant struggle that many people will find themselves engaged in on a regular basis. When you do not have motivation in place, it is difficult to focus on the essential tasks that would get you to the finish line. However, this is something that you will need to learn to overcome in order to accomplish just about anything in life. In the event that you give into the temptation to do nothing, you would only cause yourself significant suffering. The most effective way for you to stay motivated with a new activity would be to include rewards that you would be able to earn for your hard work and effort on a prolonged basis. One area that increased motivation would serve you well is fitness, you need to be motivated to hit the gym. Rewarding yourself with a visit to Rovinj would be an easy way to ensure that you get out of bed each morning and bring everything you have to the gym.

Becoming more active is a very common promise that people will find themselves giving up on in no time, this is because they do not have the motivation needed to push through. However, this does not have to be something that remains out of your reach for the rest of the time that you exist within society. Instead, you can decide that you are willing and able to reward yourself for the things that deserve celebration.

A destination such as Rovinj has a large amount of things to offer, this would enable you to work hard to your goals. Telling yourself that you will not be able to do just about anything would be the first step toward failing at that goal, this is not what you want to subject yourself to. If you have suffered from this in the past, it would be time to rethink your approach. Setting aside amazing rewards for your accomplishments can be a simple way to hold onto your motivation and push yourself through difficult times.

Your all inclusive Croatia holiday is not complete if it doesn’t include cycling tours, swimming, and other close-to-nature expeditions. Read through our following recommendations:


With its quiet roads and dramatic landscapes, Croatia holds immense potential to turn into a global cycling hotspot. Cycling Croatia provides self-guide and guided tours in both Dalmatia and Istria. Its Gastro Cycling and Istria Wine tours take you to through regions such as Rovinj, Pula, Umag and Porec., and later veers into the hilly towns of Motovun and Groznjan, before heading back to Pula. En route, there’s wine tasting, gourmet dining, and local oysters and truffles sampling. Some of the cultural highlights comprise the Roman amphitheater, the Euphrasian Basilica’s golden mosaics, and Motovun medieval buildings.


For swimming enthusiasts, there is Strel Swimming Adventures that conducts week-long tours in Dalmatia. The routes may vary depending on wind and weather conditions, and the group members’ swimming abilities. The highlights of the tour include exploring the turquoise waters and rocky islets, besides the thundering waterfalls.


Located on the west coast of Istria, Umag plays host to ATP Croatia Open. It also has a tennis academy for adults and children, with various programmes — from amateur to advanced level, with major emphasis on tennis strategy, on-court exercises, condition training and match tactics. The casual courses run for a couple of hours — the more intense ones last for four hours.


The mountainous interior of Croatia is ideal for walkers, served with cozy eateries and properly marked paths. There are several organized adventure packages offered that provide a tour of Risnjak’s dense forests, North Velebit’s mountains, Plitvice’s falls and lakes, Paklenica’s rugged canyons and peaks, etc. Every day, you’ll be walking for a few hours over the easy-to-tread moderate terrain, spending nights at B&B’s and three-star hotels in the riverside villages en route.


Split supposedly houses more professional sports athletes per capita when compared to any other international city. Besides basketball, football, water polo, tennis and athletics, locals also reign supreme in extreme sports. There are organized tours offering opportunities to indulge in a variety of sports, including rock climbing and hiking, sea-kayaking, etc. All the essential equipment and professional guidance are offered to the participants.

If you are thinking about camping in Istria, there are a variety of camping Istria sites to choose from. Istria is halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. It is the closest seaside area for many Central European countries. Some of the campsites that you can choose from in the area are Pula, Rovinj, Novigrad, and Motovun. You can book your vacation on the online site:

Istria is a beautiful place to stay at. It has a red soil in the interior, a green forest, and a sea on the coast. The cuisine is something to enjoy and if you like to drink, you will find Muskat, Refosk, Malvazija, and Teran wines. This peninsula will give you a touch of history with also the modern amenities for tourists. The climate there is mild. It has warm and dry summers and winters that are mild and pleasant. During the summer months you may have more than 10 hours of sunshine. Having this kind of weather makes it perfect to go camping. Below are some of the things that you can do while camping in Istria.

You can climb up the tower of St. Euphemia. St. Euphemia is in Rovinj. It is the highest bell tower in Istria and offers a nice view of the town below. At the top of the tower you will see a bronze statue of St. Euphemia who is the patron saint of Rovinj. Another thing you can do is walk the ancient town of Motovun. It is a medieval fortress that has been preserved. You can walk along the walls and see the view of the Motovun Forest and River Mirna. One other thing that you might enjoy is Cape Kamenjak. The Cape is on the southern tip of the peninsula. It features fish and wildlife that has not been touched. It is open to divers, visitors, sports fishermen, and those who want to look at how beautiful it is. So as you can see, there is a variety of different things that you can do while you are camping in the area of Istria.