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Even if the skiing season has ended, you can still enjoy all of the joys of skiing in the off-season. Indoor skiing has become very popular during the off-season and in countries, where the climate does not allow people to enjoy this more and more popular sport. Here are some resorts that offer indoor skiing and are becoming popular with every off-season.

SnowDome, Bispingen

In Bispingen, the German state of Lower Saxony, one can find the SnowDome which is the perfect place for indoor skiing. It was opened on 21 October 2006. Indoor skiing is possible on a slope that has the lengthof about 300 m (984 ft), height about 78 m (256 ft), and a width of up to 100 m (328 ft). In addition to the downhill slope is a Funpark, a toboggan run called the Rodelbahn and also a beginner’s slope. Both beginners and advanced skiers can enjoy indoor skiing at SnowDome since it offers inclines that vary between 20% at the top and 9% at the bottom.

Snow Arena, Druskininkai

This indoor skiing resort was opened on August 26th 2011 in Lithuania. With slope lengths of 60m, width of 50m and height difference of 65.65m, it is one of the biggest resorts offering indoor skiing in the world. It also offers a beginners slope that is 150m long and a seasonal outdoor slope of 640 meters which allows skiers to enjoy both outdoor and indoor skiing. The Snow Arena keeps an indoor temperature of the hall at constant -2 to -3 degrees, which allows it to stay open all year round.

Skiing is one of the most popular recreational activities which most people love to indulge in during winter season. In the modern day, skiing can be categorized into two broad categories. The Nordic category includes ski jumping and cross country. The other one is alpine which is also referred to as downhill skiing. Both these versions of skiing make use of the same kind of ski equipment and need a similar skill level.

Over the past couple of years, skiing has grown to become a very popular sport and hobby. It has been in existence in the winter Olympics since the year 1924 and is today a beloved pastime for billions of people in Europe, Asia and the Americas. People tour different parts of the world in order to get to enjoy the best skiing facilities that are offered there. However, they will not be able to enjoy the best if they don’t make use of the right kinds of ski equipment.

Since the risk of injury or death is normally high, it is advisable to wear the right kind of protective gear when skiing. Ski helmets are mainly designed to withstand the cold mountain air and multiple impacts that might occur when skiing. All professional skiers ought to have helmets all the time that they are engaging in this activity. The use of helmets is however no longer a preserve of skiers alone. Many athletes of different classes and ages are using them today.

The other ski equipment that you cannot choose to overlook is the plastic goggles. These help to protect you from blinding snow patches and the harsh winds. The goggles make a very effective seal around that area thereby preventing elements like snow, water and dirt from getting in there. Most of the goggles also feature tinted lenses for purposes of neutralizing the rays from the sun and also the white snow.

Other than the protective gear, the other most important ski equipment is the ski. Commonly made using carbon fiber components, the skis are thin, long and curved upwards. They have been in existence for thousands of years now. They only get modified and perfected with time so as to allow skiers to glide successfully and enjoy the whole experience.

Many people love skiing; most of them even try to improve their skiing skills whenever they get an opportunity. Often skiers are eager to get the most out of their skiing sessions, going faster in an accurate manner and making sharp turns. However, mastering the art warrants thorough knowledge of the ski carving technique. Without carving, you cannot expect to deliver your best performance. Unluckily, many ski enthusiasts lack adequate information about the carving technique. Yet, learning the basics of ski carving is not at all difficult.

Basics of the ski carving technique

Carving is where skis cut into snow when you turn so that they don’t travel sideways. You can attain grace in this technique through persistent practice over a period of time. To start carving, position your skis down the slope, and roll over your knees in such a way that edges start to dig into the snow.

When the edges dug into the snow, lean yourself in the snow and follow through with the bend. Once the skis dig in the snow and begin to travel along their length, they will turn you. This is where you have to push further and lean in the turn. The faster you travel, the better you will be able to lean and push harder on skis.

Things to remember

It is important to note that you won’t be able to carve perfectly in the beginning. Still, some form of carving will be definitely possible, if you do it in the right manner. Secondly, make sure that the snow is soft for skis to dig in easily. However, the snow must be sufficiently hard to hold the turn as well. Follow these tips and guidelines, and you will be able to master the ski carving technique in no time.

There are many ski resorts that you can visit in Austria, but you should know where the best ski resorts in Austria are located. Continue to read on to find out where some of the best resorts are in Austria.

This is one of the best ski resorts for beginners. If you have very little experience with skiing, then Westendorf is where you want to visit. Also, if you don’t like crowds, then this ski resort is perfect for you. There are a few low key bars you can visit, and there is a chairlift that brings you up the slope.

This particular resort is good for a mixed-aged family. Families will love what this resort has to offer them, such as a kid friendly hotels, and even activities for teenagers to take part in. There are great nursery slopes to go on, and there is even a good snowboard school you can visit. During the day you and the family can enjoy some skiing and snowboarding, and during the evening hours you can explore the village and see what it offers you. There is also a great toboggan run that you can try, and you and the family will love it.

This is not a busy resort at all, and in matter of fact it is one of Austria’s most quiet resorts. The village consists of a couple of low-key bars, as well as a few unique shops and restaurants. This resort is perfect for people who are looking for challenging slopes to go down, as well as people who are looking for a laid back place to spend a week or two at. It is also worth mentioning that Oberau is great for skiers of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are a single adult, or a family of five, you will find that Oberau is one of the best ski resorts in Austria.

The final resort that will be discussed is Galtur, which is the best resort to go to if you have a lot of experience skiing. There are very challenging slopes here. You can spend an entire day skiing, and then go and visit the village of Galtur, which offers you plenty of things to do and see.

If you are looking for a great resort to visit in Austria, then make sure to pay a visit to any of the ones mentioned in this article.


Ski training machines are not only great in helping you to become a better skier but they are also a great way to get into shape. Ski training machines can be used by beginning skiers as well as skiers who are at medium or high ski levels. Anyone who uses a ski training machine can improve their balance and form.

In addition, ski training machines can help you master your form and balance in the comfort of your home; before heading out to the slopes. Keep in mind that it can be dangerous skiing without having some experience ahead of time on how to handle the poles and when changing direction down the slopes.

As professional skiers know, skiing is basically all about balance. Once you have found a balance on your skis that feels comfortable, edging, stopping and pivoting will come easier to you. Some have found help with their balance by putting specially designed blocks under their ski boots. By practicing with the blocks under your ski boots you can perfect your skiing in the comfort and safety of your home.

There are some great benefits with a ski machine such as getting a full body workout. With this machine your upper and lower body is getting a great workout; much better than other exercise machines such as a treadmill or rower. In addition, with a ski machine, there is a lower impact on your joints and this can be quite helpful for those who have problems with their hips, knees or back. Also, with this kind of machine, you can lose a great deal of calories; up to 600 calories and hour. Keep in mind that a ski machine is good for a beginner or a professional athlete.

To conclude, a ski machine has many benefits such as helping you get fit, become a better skier and losing many calories.