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If you are looking for cheap flights to Slovenia, you should explore opportunities with Adria airlines. Since they fly close to 200 scheduled flights every week, it is highly probable that you would be able to find something that suits your requirements. Apart from the above number of flights per week, Adria also runs charter flights. It is a member of the Star Alliance network as well. This makes it connect passengers to over 1300 destinations across the globe. Even if you do not get a direct flight, you can always find connecting flights and reach your destination. The network takes pride in offering competitive fares across the globe.

There are several factors when we choose a flight, including its stoppages, fare, schedule, service and convenience. When all these things are favourable to our travel plan, we buy tickets for the flight. There are times when we have to make last minute changes to our plans. In this situation, the one thing that hurts most is the money lost in cancellation of tickets. With Adria, you can make changes to your plan using the online portal. You can change the class, date and time of your travel depending on the fare condition of your ticket. With 55 years of track record of excellence, Adria is a preferred choice of millions around the world. With Adria, you can find offers and discounts on one-way flights, round trips, family trips, and charter flights. These offers and discounts are often floated during festive season and holidays. For keeping abreast of these, you should sign up for the e-newsletter published by the airlines. Subscribing to the newsletter is easy as you just need to visit their website and fill your name and email address in a form.

And if you ever wondered about finding cheap flights to Slovenia, then you should know that it is a possibility. The money you save on flight tickets can be used for other activities like accommodation, food, conveyance, etc. In terms of a holiday, Slovenia won’t disappoint you. You can find peace of mind here and there is enough opportunity for adventure as well.

Adria Airways has been serving Ljubljana for over half a century, and today the airline offers regular service to Europe’s most important business destinations, as well as popular tourist cities. As part of the Star Alliance, Adria offers service to hundreds of cities all over the world, using the services of the participating airlines in the world’s largest airline alliance.

The airline’s base is at Ljubljana airport, and if you are searching for cheap flights to Ljubljana, make sure you spend at least some time in the city itself. Ljubljana is a fascinating mix of the old and the new, with a charming old town dating from medieval times, and in 2016 was designated European green capital. Today the old town is better known for its selection of shops, cafes and restaurants, and the city’s large university helps to give it a young, lively and cosmopolitan feel. One of the best places to get an overview of the city is from the 900 year old castle, perched on a hill overlooking the old town, and Ljubljana also prides itself on being a bicycle friendly city.

Perhaps the most famous sight in Ljubljana is the Triple Bridge, consisting of three pedestrian bridges across the Ljubljanica river. The local architect, Jože Plečnik designed one of the bridges in the late 1920s; many of his other designs can be seen all over the city. Ljubljana is also a wonderful place to see some of the best baroque and Art Nouveau architecture anywhere in Europe. The city has plenty of open spaces to enjoy, and is home to several good museums, some of which showcase the area’s history and culture. Nightlife is varied, although traditional dancing is popular, and beer lovers can enjoy the many taverns and outdoor beer gardens.

Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Ljubljana, or are looking for a flight from the city on the airline’s extensive network, Adria Airways can help you. The airline’s website is easy to navigate, allowing you to book flights quickly and safely. Dobrodošli v Sloveniji, or welcome to Slovenia, as they say in this part of the world.

There are many ways to reach Slovenia. You can travel by sea, road, or air. Most people choose air travel. This is because flying is safe, fast, and convenient. Actually, the safest traveling mode is air travel. Piracy makes sea travel, largely unsafe. Every day, many road accidents happen. Flights to Slovenia are one of the safest flights in the world. You can conveniently book your flight from the comfort of home. The booking process takes minutes. Before you book, carry out comparison-shopping. Also, search for discounts. You can be a frequent flier to Slovenia or it can be your first time to fly to this country. For those who fly frequently, belonging to a discount program will help you to make savings.

The popularity of flights to Slovenia is increasing. This is because more people are becoming aware of the holidaying and business opportunities of Slovenia. Every day, there are numerous flights heading to Slovenia. Some originate from nearby countries while a good number come from far-flung destinations like China and Australia. People from all over the world are booking flights to Slovenia. If you are traveling from a European destination, you can book a direct flight. Most European carriers fly directly to this country. Those arriving from outside Europe, have to connect a number of flights. This will involve making stops along the way and changing planes.

An airplane is the vessel that facilitates flights to Slovenia. There are different makes and models of airplanes. The most popular ones are Boeing and Airbus. Boeing jumbo jets such as Boeing 707 facilitate most flights to Slovenia. These jets have been made with the needs of customers in mind. Therefore, you will have ample legroom and will be entertained during the course of your journey. Make sure you always have your seat belt on because flights to Slovenia just like other flights usually encounter turbulence along the way. You should take advantage of the different amenities provided to make your journey interesting. Always ask and confirm issues from flight attendants. Be polite to the air hostesses and to your fellow passengers. Also, be friendly, it never hurts.

Ljubljana Slovenia is not typically on people’s top destinations, especially for those who live outside Europe, but it definitely should! Slovenia is beautiful country; a jewel and a peaceful haven situated in Central Europe. Its capital city, Ljubljana, is one of the greenest and most livable city in the European continent, maybe even the world. Ljubljana is bordered by the Ljubljanica river which has retained its pristine condition, still boasting its clear emerald-green waters. Along it are several cafes and establishments that lets you enjoy the scenery with your favorite drink or pastry. The city, considered as the heart of Slovenia, is an intriguing blend of modernity and tranquility, something you don’t see quite often in major cities all around the world. You most certainly have to see it for yourself.

Slovenia, having had both a beautiful and sentimental history, leaves its marks in the nooks and crevices of its towns and cities. This gives the entire country a certain romantic, almost nostalgic feel; it definitely leaves an unforgettable impression on those who have visited the country. The same can be said for Slovenia’s capital and largest city. With its historic landmarks, castles, and buildings which are, architecturally, something to marvel at, Ljubljana is nothing short of picturesque. However, it is not just the history that makes this city and country charming, it is also its continuing compromise with modernity. For example, Ljubljana has managed to direct car traffic only in the city’s center, away from the breathtaking view of the Ljubljanica river. The city has also managed a way to satisfy both your cultural senses and your partying gene, with its museums and clubs.

With all this, there is no question that Ljubljana should be on top of every one’s list, never mind if just pronouncing it already gives everyone a hard time. Kidding aside, Ljubljana Slovenia is worth your effort and resources. If you are tired of your usual daily grind and are in need of inner peace and self-reflection, then Ljubljana can be your temporary refuge. If you want the convenience that city-centers can give you, as well as the beauty and refreshing effects of nature, there can be no doubt that Ljubljana Slovenia is the place you’ve been hoping for.

Capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has quite few possibilies for accommodation. City offers, hostels, apartments and hotels. But if you want best accommodation in Ljubljana you should visit one of top 3 hotels there, Hotel Lev, Hotel Slon or Grand hotel Union.

Hotels Slon and Union are 4-star hotel while Hotel Lev is the onyl 5-star hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All hotels are located in the heart of the city, so all sights are close by. Closes airport, Jože Pučnik Airport, largest airport in Slovenia, is about 30 minutes car drive away so you can travel to it qute fast.

Now to tell you a bit more about accommodation and these tree hotels. Let’s start with Grand Hotel Union. It has secure on site garage which offers places for 120 vehicles. Hotel offers over 300 rooms in total, 327 to be exact. From these rooms 172 rooms have sauna, business centre, internet and breakfast already added in the price. Grand hotel Union has most rooms and is almost the best accommodation in Ljubljana, Slovenia if you want to stay in a hotel.

Hotel also has wellness centre where you find indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness studio or relax with wide range of massages. Apart wellness it has business room with access to internet, computers and printer. They also have exchange office, newspaper and gift shop, fashion boutique, hairdressing salon and jeweller in hotel.Hotel’s adress is GRAND HOTEL UNION **** executive, Miklošičeva 1, 1000 Ljubljana. You can make reservatiosn online or via E-mail on

Next one will be Hotel Slon. Hotel Slon has 168 well-appointed and comfortable rooms from which most of them are newly renovated and also feature DVD players and LCD screen TVs. Hotel Slon has relaxation zone on the rooftop where you can choose between finnish sauna and fitness center. Relaxation zone is free of charge for all hotel guests. Hotel Slon is also part of the Best Wwestern hotel chain which consists from over 4000 hotels in 80 countries.

In hotel you also have garage parking, newspaper shop, currency exchange office, business centre and laundry and dry cleaning service. They also offer free Wi-Fi internet throughout the hotel and also free use ofcomputer with internet in the lobby.

Reservations are done online or via E-mail on Hotel’s adress is HOTEL SLON d.d. LJUBLJANA, Slovenska cesta 34, 1000 Ljubljana.

And now the final hotel, only 5-star hotel in Ljubljana and also one of rare 5 star hotel in Slovenia, hotel Lev. If yoo are type of person that wants just best of the beyt type of accommodation then hotel Lev is best choise. Hotel offers 173 luxurious rooms. You can choose from standard and superior rooms. All rooms have electronic key-lock, bath or shower, mini-bar, television and also pay TV, dial phone and internet. Businees room also have fax machine and also printing and copying facilities. Since the hotel is the only 5-start hotel i won’t bother you with details what they offer and have in hotel. They have more or less everything.

If you decide to travel in Ljubaljan and want to book up your stay in Hotel Lev use online reservation or E-mail them on or call then on phone number +386 1231 7271. Their adress on the other hand is HOTEL LEV d.d., Vošnjakova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana.

If you travel to Slovenia I sure hope you will enjoy accommodation and your stay in Ljubljana and that if you decide to visit any of these 3 hotels you will not be dissapointed.

Interested in coming to Slovenia, but don’t know what to visit? One of the choices can be terme in Slovenia. Our country can offer you many termes – Terme Catez, Terme Dolenjske Toplice and Smarjeske Toplice, Terme Banovci and Radenci,…

If you don’t care in what part of Slovenia it is located, then maybe the best choice would be Terme Catez in Catez ob Savi. It is located in region of Dolenjska, close to Croatian border, 100 km away from Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, and 40 km away from Zagreb, capital of Croatia. It has so many different pools for grown and children, waterslides, bars and of course accommodation in near hotels and it is opened throught the hole year. Terme Catez is everything that you and your kids need for perfect vacation in Slovenia.