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If you are visiting the spectacular country of Iceland and need car hire, Reykjavik has several well known names represented. Renting a car at the airport is a smooth process, as Reykjavik Keflavik airport is one of Europe’s smallest international airports, and as a rule, picking up and dropping off your car is quick and easy. Reykjavik is the main gateway to Iceland, offering flights to and from Europe and north America, and is a major hub for Wow Air and Icelandair. There are direct flights from the airport to London, Frankfurt, Zurich and New York and many passengers choose Iceland as a stopover between the US and Europe.

Overview of Reykjavik

Although one of the best ways to explore the unique landscape of Iceland is by car, driving here isn’t like driving elsewhere in Europe. Reykjavik airport is located about 50 miles from the city, meaning a trip of well over an hour just to get into town. Reykjavik itself is the most northerly capital in the world, and is one of the greenest and cleanest world capitals, having the feel of a large town instead of a major city. Important sights in the city include the Icelandic Parliament building, the spectacular Hallgr√≠mskirkja church, one of the country’s tallest buildings, and the Blue Lagoon, a large geothermal spa.

Driving In Iceland

But it is to see the landscapes of this dramatic country that most people visit, and once you have picked up your hire car at Reykjavik, the island is yours to explore. Iceland is a country of volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, hot geysers, and hundreds of miles of unspoiled forests. One of the best ways to get an overview of the country, and take in some of its most popular sights and most beautiful scenery is to take the ring road. This 830 mile road hugs the coast for much of its length, and circles the entire island. When driving in Iceland, headlights need to be on all the time and it is highly recommended to carry a motorist emergency kit, and to check the weather before leaving the airport or your hotel.

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